What Do inFlow Users Say

“I couldn’t imagine having to give it back!”

Carolyn had complications after cancer surgery and became unable to completely empty her bladder on her own. She had been hospitalized with severe infections and now has remained infection free.

—Carolyn P., WA

“The inFlow has given my day-to-day life a second chance. For people like me with a serious illness, a small victory like this is amazing!”

Susan was diagnosed three years ago with multiple system atrophy. She always knew her bladder was full, but had no way to empty on her own. She could not be catheterized. Now Susan enjoys an empty bladder.

—Susan A., NJ

“The inFlow works great! I have not been able to empty my bladder like this in a long time.”

Carole is a 67 Y/O woman who was diagnosed with MS over 20 years ago. She was physically able to perform Intermittent Self Catheterization but noticed a weak urine stream and lengthy toileting time.

—Carole B., WA

“inFlow has restored my independence to handle my own bladder function and the confidence to not worry about accidental leaks.”

Laurie is 60 Y/O and also suffers from MS. She has never been able to self-catheterize herself and had to wait on her husband for assistance. Laurie now is self-sufficient and manages her toileting on her own.

—Laurie S., NJ

“I could not wait to get rid of my Foley and leg bag… the inFlow is truly a godsend!”

John watched his wife struggle with the help of caregivers to empty her bladder. His wife now feels like she is empty and is able to enjoy the day to day outings of her life again.

—Jolene D., WA

“Since we started using inFlow, we no longer wake Mom up overnight. Everyone in the house is now able to get a full night’s rest.”

Paul is the son of a woman who had an accident and was debilitated 10 months ago. She lost her ability to empty her bladder in the accident. She had not been able or willing to leave home unless it was for a Dr. appointment. He and his wife are now able to get his mother out to family functions and enjoy outings.

—Paul C., FL

“For such a small little thing, it does such a big job. It’s priceless!”

Tara Is a 43 y/o woman who has had MMS for many years. Tara was never able to Self-Catheterize herself and was dependent on her mother for assistance to empty her bladder. Tara no does all of her toileting on her own!

—Tara M., WA

“My wife no longer suffers the indignity of her husband having to catheterize her multiple times per day. We love inFlow!”

Steve is the husband of a MS patient. He was responsible for managing all aspects of her bladder emptying as his wife was unable to do it for herself. Steve now enjoys the fact his wife no longer needs him to empty her bladder.

—Steve S., NJ