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If you are a woman using urinary catheters
or know someone who is, please read this

The inFlow device uses advanced technology to provide a unique and elegant solution for emptying the bladder.

  • A solution with significantly improved quality of life
  • A solution with a low rate of infection
  • A solution that allows almost normal use of a toilet
  • A solution that is easy to use
  • A solution that is discrete and dignified

Patented Digital Health Technology

Vesiflo is developing the Guardian™ Program, a remote monitoring and clinical information system designed to provide superior care of community-dwelling women with chronic urinary retention. Stay tuned!

Remote Patient Monitoring

Each time its button is pressed, Activator calculates urine output.

Data is routinely transmitted to our app and sent to the cloud

No patient initiative is required

If urine output is low, clinician or caregiver can be alerted

Clinical Information System